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Strategic Management and Leadership

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Female & Male in lecture

This workshop considers the way in which organisations develop their strategy and explores a range of business models, strategic analysis and means of strategy formulation.  

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10th July 2017 – 12th July 2017

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Don Harradine

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Strategy concerns the major direction of our organisations: whatever the sector of the economy. Strategic planning can be very mechanistic or in some cases intuitive, however, whatever the approach good strategies are often difficult to achieve and particularly difficult to implement. During the course of this module we will examine different approaches to strategy and their associated issues.

An interesting definition of strategy is: “managing from the outside in”. Strategy is therefore all about understanding the changing environment in which our organisation exist and understanding how we cope and ultimately take advantage of that environment in the future. To do this we need to understand clearly our organisation’s objectives and capabilities. These are the attributes of our organisation which we need to use and change to mould to our strategy to take advantage of that environment. The really successful organisations are indeed those that do this well.

The overall aim of this module is to help you develop your understanding of the range of ways in which businesses build and develop effective strategies.  Strategic leadership is often about big decisions and determining the overall direction for an organisation. It can be about identifying the best course of action in difficult times, or it can be about capitalising on opportunities. In this module you will look at a variety of methods for analysing complex business situations and how alternative courses of action can be evaluated. Using case studies and experience form your own organisation, you will explore how strategy can be planned and developed, building over time.