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Effective Change Management

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This workshop considers various change management models and the ways in which changes can be implemented successfully and effectively.  You will be able to look at an example of change in your own organisation.  

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13th July 2017 – 15th July 2017

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Suzanne Ross

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It is now the norm for a manager’s role to involve leading people through difficult and often uncomfortable changes. The extent, pace, and often the scale of changes with which businesses have to cope, can seem relentless. Anticipating and responding to change with appropriate strategic choices is a major challenge of modern management. Effective leadership can help to bring people with you and ensure their help, support and best endeavours.

The aim of this workshop is to consider the way in which change is achieved in organisations. Looking at the consequences of these decisions as changes to be implemented; how change is often received and how effective leadership and teamwork can make implementation more successful.

You will explore an instance of change in your own organisation, to evaluate your organisation’s response to change and the way in which Change Management is handled. You will review your own contribution to the management and leadership of change and the way in which you can improve your own effectiveness in this area.

This workshop considers:

  • Difficulties of Driving Change Through Organisations: Why does organisational change so often cause problems? We consider the common issues and problems associated with change management, including stakeholders, organisational politics, systems problems, transitioning people through change and resistance to change. Strategies to deal with these issues are explored.
  • Common Models and Theories of Change Management Practices: Change management is a developing area of business practice impacting numerous functional areas. Several models have become established ways of dealing with change in organisations.
  • Project Management and Operational Considerations: For major changes a project based approach is often appropriate, with a structured timetable of activities as well as careful view and monitoring activities at each stage.
  • The Role of Leadership and Personal Effectiveness: Often change projects will need project champions’ or ‘change agents’ to lead and drive through effective change in their organisations. We look at the leadership qualities needed to do this effectively and develop reflective capabilities to improve success.