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Field trip to Equine breeding and artificial insemination Centre - 30 October 2017

Equine breeding and artificial insemination Centre



Stallion AI is an equine reproduction and artificial insemination Centre based in Shropshire. They are home to some of the top Elite competition stallions in the world and offer services including semen freezing and storage, fertility testing, fresh and chilled semen distribution, mare insemination, training courses and AI equipment.


Detailed Description

On top of their amazing facilities, Tullis and his team also run a start of the art laboratory with latest AI technologies to support their business but also research. Another aspect of Stallion AI is their work with zoos and conservation organisations to preserve  genetic bio-diversity of rare breeds or successful reproduction of endangered species.

This visit will reinforce the concepts of animal/equine breeding, reproduction and genetic taught in your course and how this is applied in the industry.

You will get to explore the technical aspects of animal reproduction but also to meet and network with industry professionals.

This visit will include a talk, a tour of the facilities, a demonstration of a collection by a stallion and lab work to inspect the quality of the freshly collected semen under the microscope.

Check out the web page for more info:  http://www.stallionai.co.uk/