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Fine Art First year London trip - 12-13th October 2017

Fine Art First year London trip - 12-13th October 2017



Fine Art Field Trip to London - 12-13th October 2017


Detailed Description

Two day trip to London this is a booking fee to show your commitment to attend.

This is a subsidized trip and therefore you are only required to pay £20 of the full cost of the trip (£70).  This covers coach, accommodation and breakfast.  Your payment is non returnable unless you are able to find someone to take your place within the course.

You will also need to indicate who you would like to be roomed with, there will be sheets placed outside the administration office.

Medical Declaration
As you proceed to check out you are required to select one of the following 3 Options:

Option 1:
I confirm that to the best of my knowledge I have no medical condition, or are taking any prescribed medication that prevents me from participating in the Fieldwork?

Option 2: I do have a pre-existing medical condition that I receive treatment for, but I have discussed this with an Occupational Health Practitioner or my Doctor (GP) and have been advised that taking part in the Fieldwork will not pose any unnecessary risk to myself or others

Option 3: I do have a pre-existing medical condition or disability and need to discuss additional support or reasonable adjustments to take part in any of the proposed activities. (you will need to discuss this with the fieldwork leader in advance of the activity date) and possibly request extended insurance where appropriate.


Terms and Conditions: Only the Fieldwork Leader will check the information you have divulged within the online payment in advance of the departure date.  Should any issues declared cause the Fieldwork Leader concern, they can refer them to Occupational Health and Student Services for further advice.  At any stage before departure on the fieldwork, if you declare you are unfit to participate, you will not be allowed to go on the trip.

Please note that some fieldwork trips include very physical activities or require participants to cross difficult terrain.  Please be aware of your health and limits regarding these when filling in your Health Declaration form.

It is the responsibility of the individual to let the Fieldtrip Leader know of any health developments that occur after they have submitted their Personal Information form.  These developments will be dealt with accordingly.   You are strongly advised to inform the Fieldwork Leader of any specific medication you are taking to enable them to inform the emergency services should the need arise. Any information provided will be treated in confidence.